At California Neurological Institute, our surgeons perform minimally invasive spine surgeries for spine pain treatment due to Cervical Discectomy & Fusion, Posterior Fusion, Lumbar, Corpectomy, and Disk Prosthesis Placement, and other sources of spine pain. Scroll down to learn more about the different spine disorders our surgeons treat.

  • Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
    A common approach to the front of the spine in the neck to remove and replace a disc with a fusion of the bones above and below. With minimally invasive techniques this is often performed as an outpatient with early return to activities.
  • Placement of cervical disk prosthesis
    This is similar to discectomy but with placement of an artificial disc with natural motion preservation. Research published by CNI doctors demonstrate this technique has the advantage of reduced complications including fewer future spine operations.
  • Corpectomy
    Surgery to replace the bone in addition to the discs for more extensive spinal cord compression problems. Newer expandable devices to replace the bone has replaced uncomfortable grafting from the patient's own hip bone.

Spine Pain Treatment

Pain in the spine are could result from any of the disorders mentioned above. Typically pain in the spinal area will lead to immobility and even more sever conditions if not treated.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Recovery

The recovery time after spine surgery varies greatly depending on the procedure as well as the individual patient. However the biggest factor in recovery and rehabilitation depends on the location of the surgery within the various sections of the spine. For more information regarding your expected recover time please make an appointment with one of our neurosurgeons.