The Benefits of Brain Surgery

published 10/12/2016

Brain surgery can seem like a daunting procedure. However, when it is carried out with tremendous care by experienced medical professionals, it brings great benefits. Maybe you are scheduled for a surgical procedure or are wondering if a family member may be a candidate for this kind of treatment. To understand the benefits of brain surgery, it’s important to understand the three types of medical procedures (brain or otherwise) first: non-invasive, minimally invasive, and invasive.

Non-invasive procedures are non-surgical, which means that no incisions are made and patients are not “put under” with general anesthesia. Non-invasive procedures and devices don't involve surgery and include everything from chiropractic therapy to hearing aids.

Minimally invasive surgery involves a small incision and the use of specialized instruments to isolate problems in the body and provide appropriate treatment. Minimally invasive surgery is still surgery and requires some form of anesthetic. Invasive or major surgery is what people are usually talking about when they discuss surgery. It usually involves being completely anesthetized (“put under”) for the entire procedure, and recovery time can take a little longer than other forms of treatment.

There are different reasons people undergo brain surgery, but there are some common symptoms which are relieved after a procedure—and the good news is both major and minimally-invasive surgeries offer patients tremendous relief!

  • Headaches.Localized headaches or even widespread facial pain can be the result of many conditions. Surgeries and minimally-invasive procedures can fix this.
  • Seizures.If a person’s epilepsy doesn’t respond well to medicine, sometimes surgery may be necessary. This can result in a dramatic decrease in seizures.
  • Language problems.If someone has a tumor pressing on the language center of their brain (including Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area), removal of this tumor may greatly improve their speech or language comprehension.
  • Memory.Similarly, if a tumor or benign mass is interfering with parts of the brain that affect memory, surgery to remove the tumor may help a patient return to their normal state.

Finding The Best Brain Surgeon

Candidates for brain surgery in Southern California deserve as much care and compassion in the operating room as they do during their recovery period. At California Neurosurgical Institute (CNI), patients from Valencia, Thousand Oaks, Northridge and Bakersfield, CA are treated to the expertise of the most experienced team of neurosurgeons on the west coast, as well as state of the art procedures and a kind and friendly staff. If you would like more information about our procedures and services, reach out to us for more information about our procedures and to set up a consultation.